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Accessory PhotoIn the photo on the left we can see the "Stainless in Seattle" thermometer with important mashing temperatures marked on it. The bottom portion of the left photo shows a side view of the Easy Masher II. The spigot for the Easy Masher can be seen in the lower left photo. (The Easy Masher II screws onto the spigot from the right hand side.) The bottom right photo shows a view inside the brew pot showing both the Easy Maser II and the Stainless in Seattle temperature probe. Although Lee's Brewery initially obtained good results with the Easy Masher II, its last two brewing sessions ended with stuck mashes. Thus calling into question the product's long-term longevity. Lee's Brewery recommends use of a full size kettle false bottom screen rather than the Easy Masher II.
Sipgot PhotoInside Pot Photo

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